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  INTRODUCTION: How to Build Your Custom Plan

Welcome to Day 3 of the Salary Accelerator Course. To Build your Custom Plan for a bigger raise, you'll do the following:

1. Choose the negotiation tactics that match the specific type(s) of raise you plan to request. You know your type(s) from Day 1; now select the corresponding Day 3 SUPPLEMENT found in the Appendices to get your match. Read the supplement(s) and consider how to apply the tactics into your custom plan.

2. Set your pay raise goals. Determine the specific numbers that reflect your market value and your work value, with consideration of the type(s) of pay raise you're requesting. Use the worksheet and follow the instructions in the accompanying lesson to figure your numbers.

3. Generate lots of options to agreement so that you have a variety of paths for reaching mutual agreement on your way to meeting your pay raise goals. Get the why and how in the accompanying lesson, then use the worksheet to choose or devise the options that work for you.

While these three how-to steps are important, your custom plan also needs to include overcoming mental barriers to getting a big pay raise. You'll find one other worksheet in today's training to help you strengthen your mindset about asking for and deserving lots more money. Press on!