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  VIDEO WELCOME to the Salary Accelerator Course

Watch the Welcome Video First

Get a quick overview of the course and what to expect in the video above.

How to Pace Yourself Through the Course

The Pay Raise Process training is designed to get you rock-solid ready to ask for a raise relatively quickly, i.e., seven days.

That said, you have full access to the course content right away, so you can pace yourself as you see fit. Consider seven to fifteen days a reasonably-paced journey through the course

Cramming the content in under a week makes it a crash course, which I discourage unless you're facing a hard deadline, e.g., your Performance Review is scheduled soon.

Taking longer than four weeks could be considered the procrastination zone, so be intentional about scheduling and completing the course content within a few weeks of enrolling.

Course Content Access is Ongoing

Remember, whenever you have a pay raise meeting or Performance Review on the horizon, you can reference and review the Pay Raise Process course content. I want you to ace it every time!

Writing = Better Learning and Goal Achievement

Based on the science that says writing by hand strengthens the learning process, you'll find the only option for filling in the course worksheets is to print them and write your answers by hand (vs typing). This enhancement of the course content fosters goal achievement of getting your best raise ever.