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  WORKSHEET: Own Your New Earnings Level

IMPORTANT: Before you look at the Own Your New Earnings Level worksheet below, it’s essential that you can name your Aspiration Point in dollars per month or per year.

Without that figure, you won’t value from the worksheet.

From the work you’ve done so far, you now have an ambitious yet realistic target value (your Aspiration Point) for the raise you will ask for and negotiate.

That said, we know there can be some discomfort in asking for a higher salary. We also know there are mental and social forces behind the hesitancy to ask for more money.

You must push through them to take action and see results. And you must believe and embrace your new earnings level in order to go after it.

Once you’re ready to name your new salary in a monthly or annual income figure, you’re ready to fill in the worksheet below with your new earnings level. Write it. Declare it. Own it!

DAY 3 WORKSHEET Own Your New Earnings.pdf